Transforming Business Operations: A Recent Success with Salesforce Implementation




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February 25th, 2022
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We are excited to share details about our latest Salesforce project, where we partnered with InstaGST to revolutionize their business operations. This project represents a significant milestone in our commitment to delivering tailored and innovative Salesforce solutions.


InstaGST is a GST Solutioning leader, faced with challenges in streamlining their diverse business processes and enhancing customer engagement. Seeking a scalable and robust solution, they turned to us for a transformative Salesforce implementation.

Key Solutions Implemented

  1. Sales Cloud Optimization: Enhanced lead management, opportunity tracking, and sales forecasting for improved sales team performance.
  2. Service Cloud Implementation: Implemented a robust customer service platform to streamline case resolution and enhance customer satisfaction.
  3. Custom App Development: Created tailored applications to address unique business requirements, providing a seamless user experience.

Solution &

We took a holistic approach, conducting a thorough analysis of [Client Company]’s existing workflows and pain points. Leveraging our expertise, we designed a customized Salesforce solution that addressed their specific challenges while aligning with their long-term business goals.

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"We are extremely pleased with the results of our Salesforce project with Codeflurry. Their expertise and dedication have transformed the way we do business, providing us with a competitive edge in our industry."

CEO - InstaGST